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LTs Humungo Black Rod

11th June 2010 | Closed

LTs Humungo Black Rod @ Hi guys, guess who??? It’s me…Katie Thomas, who else would it be? Anyways, how’s all my fans out there in porno-land? I’m sure you will be doing better after you watch me do what I do best (and love the best)…suck and fuck the biggest black cocks I can […]

Tweetie Valentine

11th June 2010 | Closed

Tweetie Valentine @ This scene starts out with Tweetie Valentine (great porn name!) down in the hood clutching a motorcycle helmet, and complaining that someone has stolen her motorcycle! She is over-heard by the newest addition to our stable of black hosses…Flash Brown…all 6’6" of him! Flash offers to take her back to his […]

Brittany Angel

11th June 2010 | Closed

Brittany Angel @ Payback is a bitch and so am I. My parents never allowed me to have black friends. A black boyfriend for me? Never in a million years as far as Mr. and Mrs. Angel were concerned. They would disown me if they knew I was about to get tons of black […]

Stunning Summer

10th June 2010 | Closed

Stunning Summer @ My cash flow was low so I asked Stunning Summer’s son to get me some dolla bills. We thought his Mom was out of town but she fucked up our game when she caught us in the act of stealing her wallet out of her purse. I thought she was going […]

Layla Monroe

10th June 2010 | Closed

Layla Monroe @ Layla is yet another black beauty. She’s got flawless black skin, long legs & gorgeous tits & ass. She’s also a dirty girl. She likes other girls & buys porn DVDs, but she’s never ever been with a white guy …let alone ever seen a white dick in real life. Well, […]

Cameron Love

10th June 2010 | Closed

Cameron Love @ I always fall asleep when my boyfriend tries fucking me. That wouldn’t happen if he was black but he can’t help that he has some faults. He really does try to make me happy but a dick the size of a thumb just doesn’t cut it when it comes to my […]

Johns Gigantic Black PeePee

10th June 2010 | Closed

Johns Gigantic Black PeePee @ John E Depth is one of my sisters most favorite guys in the world. I get to have a little taste of what she’s talkin’ about here. I mean, he’s tall, has a nice six pack and a huge cock… oh yah and he’s black duh! His cock was […]

Makenzee Brooke

10th June 2010 | Closed

Makenzee Brooke @ This adventure opens with brunette Makenzee Pierce in some ultra sexy lingerie, showing off her best attributes when she is joined by blonde slut Brooke Banner, who decides to go on a tasting tour of Makenzee’s crotch goodies, starting with her cootch, and progressing to her asshole. Makenzee returns the favor […]

Melanie Monroe

10th June 2010 | Closed

Melanie Monroe @ I got up extra early this morning to get ready. I did my makeup in slutty way. I got my hair all nice and ready and made sure my outfit would get any black dick nice and ready for me. The wrong part of town became the right one for me […]


9th June 2010 | Closed

Octavia @ Octavia is a little shy, but admits that she loves girl-on-girl porno. Her first lesbian experience was when she was sixteen & she was with 3 other girls. A lesbo orgy! She’s been with black girls & black guys, but never with a white guy. Well, this was her first… she had […]